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Mobile Ovulation Cytology Testing
Precise ovulation timing?

Breeders should be advised to notify us when they first notice vulvar swelling, vaginal discharge, or any attraction to males in a bitch for which breeding is planned.

Early proestrus should be a significant progression in the cornification, usually above 70% superficial cells. At that point, serial hormonal assaying should begin.

Vaginal Cytology Cells

Parabasal cells (A) which look like small, Non-cornified O-shaped oat cereal pieces.

Intermediate cells (B) which look like fried eggs

Superficial cornified cells (C) which look like corn flakes.

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Is it too late to breed my bitch?
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At the end of the fertile period vaginal cytology undergoes the diestrual shift, which signifies the first day of diestrus.

Breeding after the diestrual shift is rarely successful.

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Within a 15 mile radius mileage free.

More than 15 miles we do charge 40p for each extra mile traveled.

We are fully licensed, registered, trained, insured and experienced, giving you total peace of mind.

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Ovulation Cytology Test £30

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