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Dog Breeding

For owners who want to breed their bitches but don't have the experience or confidence, we offer a complete mobile midwifery whelping service.

Paw Angel have over 25 years of Breeding and Whelping Experience and have revived and saved many lives of puppies at this special time.

The service provided is from the start of labor through to completion of the birthing.

Advice of caring and rearing the puppies from birth to 8 weeks of age on my departure.

WE TRAVEL TO YOU and provide you with a professional caring midwifery service in the comfort and security of your own home.

Please contact us for our Midwifery 24 hour Service-Prices from £350

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Primary Labor

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This stage last 12 – 36 hours, this is the time before the first pup is born. A pregnant dog giving birth for the first time will often spend longer in this stage than a dog who has whelped before.
She will start to  “nest”, that is seek a suitable spot to have her pups & then commence to make it comfortable by arranging bedding, tearing up the newspaper etc. She will be anxious, sitting down & getting up frequently, perhaps refusing food or she may even vomit. Some dogs prefer to nest away from people in a quiet spot, while others may seek out their owner’s company.
A hormone Oxytocin is released at this stage & causes an increase pressure in the uterus by steadily increasing the muscle tone in the uterus. Under this influence a pup begins to press on the still closed cervix.  Her temperature may drop a degree or two while she is in stage 1.

Secondary Labor

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This stage is when the uterus pressure & a relaxing cervix permits the first pup to be pushed into the birth canal. Her abdomen will bulge & shorten as if she is straining to pass a motion. The contractions gradually increase in strength & frequency for a variable period until the first pup is propelled from the vagina.
Labour comprises of two activities, active straining & resting; these two will alternate until a pup is born. Together they may occupy a period of upto 3 –4 hours. However, the active straining component should not occupy more than 15-20 minutes of concentrated effort & a pup should appear within this time, more than this is abnormal & may indicate she is having problems.

The birth of a pup is usually seen by the appearance of the amniotic sac (water bag) at the vulva. This is a thin shiny membrane filled with dark fluid, which contains the newborn pup. The sack is broken as the mother licks at it to reveal the pup. The mother then will chew through the umbilical cord & she may eat the sack & its contents, this is completely normal. The mother should then proceed to lick & roll her newborn pup; this helps to stimulate breathing.
If the mother doesn’t attend to her pup with a few minutes of giving birth, the owner should ensure that all the sack & membranes are removed form the pups mouth. Gently but briskly rub the pup with a dry towel; ensure the pup’s head is lowered to allow drainage of fluid from the mouth & nose.
It is best for only 1 – 2 people to be present at the birthing process, someone who the dog bonds to & intervene only if necessary.
The resting component varies greatly; upto a few hours is quite normal. The exhausting effects of labour, especially for older, less fit or obese dogs may cause them to tire & stop straining altogether; veterinary attention is needed if this occurs. Low calcium &/or Oxytocin levels can also cause the birthing process to cease. Most deliveries take less than 6 hours, but delivery of a large litter may take upto 24 hours.
If the pups are being kept away from their mother for any time, they need to be kept in an environment that is a constant 29-32 degrees C.

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Final Stage

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This stage involves the contraction of the uterus to expel the final membranes & fluids. The post-whelping discharge is normally a green-blackish colour for the first 48 hours, becoming a bloody discharge, like port wine, for upto a few weeks afterwards. Some bitches will have a prolonged post-whelping discharge, sometimes lasting well into lactation, providing this is a clear blood strained discharge without odour or in large amounts this is usually completely normal.

Stages of Development

  • The umbilical cord drops off     Day 2-3
  • Pups should have doubles their birth weight     Day 10
  • Ears will now be opening     Day 13-15
  • Eyes will now be opening     Day 10-14
  • Pups begin to stand and walk Day 16-18
  • Pups develop the ability to pass urine and faeces without their mothers assistance     Day 18
  • Nervous system will now have developed enough to allow learning of new skills      Day 21

Once clean and stimulated by its mother

The newborn pup instinctively crawls to its mother’s belly and there it will soon regain lost body heat & start to suckle. Pups lack the means to control their body temperature for the first 3 days of life; their ability to control their temperature will slowly improve over the next few weeks of life. The pups should be protected against draught and cold, the temperature in the environment should be as follows during the 1st week 29-32 degrees C, 2nd week 26-29 degrees C, 3rd week 23-26 degrees C 4th week 23 degrees C.

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