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Natural Cat Breeding Supplements & Vitamins

Our Cats Deserve to Live a Long Healthy and Happy Life.

Discover The Best Ways To Safely & Effectively Treat Your Cat the natural way.

More and more cat owners are now looking for ways they can treat their cats with products that are gentle, natural and don’t come with any side effects.

At Paw Angel we supply a range of supplements for breeding from your queen including essential vital vitamins for outstanding health.

In today’s society conventional medicine definitely has it place and has helped to save many lives, but owners are becoming increasingly aware of the long term consequences to their cats health by using conventional based products.

People don't feel comfortable using long term conventional treatments on their cats and are seeking alternative natural supplements.

From the atmosphere they live in, to the food we feed them and day to day stress, all these are compounding burdens upon their immune systems.

Here at Paw Angel it is our passion to help pet owners like you to have an healthy happy cat.

We supply Cat Breeding Supplements & Herbal Vitamins
  • Cat Fertility
  • Cat Pregnancy
  • Cat PreventLabor Difficulty
  • Cat Retained Afterbirth
  • Cat Missed Conception
  • Cat Miscarriage
  • Cat Male Fertility
  • Cat None Interest Male
  • Cat Exhausted Male

  • Cat Herbal Entire Digestive
  • Cat Natural Flea and Mite Powder
  • Cat Herbal Wound Salve
  • Cat Herbal Ear Drops
  • Cat Herbal Eye Drops
  • Cat Immunity Boost
  • Cat Influenza
  • CatRespiratory
  • Worms in Cats
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Paw Angel Natural Homeopathic and Herbal Supplements can be used as an excellent remedy keeping your cat in top condition.

Natural supplements are gentle and can visually improve the appearance and condition of the cat, the products can also be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

We select only quality fresh organic (when available) natural products, we make sure that the supplements we purchase are not old and stale that may have lost most of their herbal value.

We purchase our herbs from reputable sources, knowing that they will be effective.

Paw Angel guarantee that the supplements purchased are of the finest quality herbs for cats.

All our products are 100% natural, they contain no chemicals what so ever, no artificial preservatives, colorants or additives, and no salt, we select products of the highest quality.


Please Note this is not a replacement for Veterinary Treatment

Our products are not categorised as a medicine it is sold as a food supplement.

The statement contained on the products label does not imply that this product has any medicinal properties use or efficiency.

The products we supply are based on good strategy and are none drug based or toxic.

Throughout the life of our cats their bodies go through stressed times, such as pregnancy, post natal and various ailments,

our products support the bodily functions so they can naturally return to good health.

All our vitamins and supplements we supply are based on historically known facts that enhances your cat’s wellbeing

We are not a manufacturer, all our supplements we supply support the pets bodily functions to heal itself naturally.

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