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Mobile Puppy Microchipping
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Microchipping is an excellent way of being able to identify your pet, your Best Friend.

We are fully licensed, registered, insured, experienced and certified microchipping implanter business offering a mobile service in the comfort of your own home. Traveling to the vets can be time consuming and a very stressful time for the animal.

The microchip we recommend is the mini microchip 8.5 x 1.4mm for the breed weight expected to be under 10kg when fully grown. The larger breed we recommend the standard microchip 12 x 2.12 mm. Once we have microchipped your pet we automatically register your pet on the Petlog or Microchip Central database, to ensure you are covered by the UK's largest lost and found pet service for microchipped pets. Registration is completed online at the time of implant so ensures the database is updated very quickly for you. Petlog and Microchip Central are linked to a European network of databases, which includes 32 databases working together giving you the best chance of finding your pet wherever they maybe lost even in another country.

Hygiene is of the up most importance, no needles are ever re-used. All needles are disposed of in a sharps bin after a single use.

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Mobile Microchipping Service in your own home

 Within a 15  mile radius mileage free.

More than 15 miles we do charge 40p for each extra mile traveled.

We are fully licensed, registered, trained, insured and experienced, giving you total peace of mind.

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The process is so quick and simple, it all happens in your Pet's relaxing environment, no need for your dog or cat to be stressed through a visit to the vets. Microchipping is an excellent way to identify your pet and its owner. The information of the identity of your cat or dog is kept on a national database and is highly confidential. It is important that if anytime you change your address or any details that you contact your implanter to update the information.

Once we have microchipped your pet, we then register the details and once processed you will receive information by email.

Thousands of pets go missing each year even with the most careful and loving pet owners. Sadly, many of these animals and owners are never reunited. The simplest way to ensure you find a missing pet is to have it microchipped. Each microchip carries it own unique identification number which is entered with the owner’s details on to the national database. If a lost or stolen pet is found, a scanner is passed over the microchip, immediately it reveals the number. A simple phone call to Petlog or Microchip Central can ascertain the owner’s details and pet and owner can be quickly reunited. The RSPCA, as well as many other welfare organizations, vets and local authority dog wardens have scanners which can read the microchip’s details.

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 1 Pet £15

2 to 5 Puppies £10 each

6 to 9 Puppies £9 each

10 Puppies plus £8 each