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MobileUltrasound Diagnostic Pregnancy Scanning

An ultrasound machine emits ultrasound waves. They are reflected back into the hand-held probe that is placed on the stomach of the animal.

The pattern of the reflected sound waves creates an image that is viewed on a screen, this is non-invasive and safe, to assist in abetter picture the use of a conductive gel is used.

Ultrasound is an excellent way to determine if a dog or cat is pregnant, this is most useful for the assessment of foetal numbers and the assessment of foetal viability.

Ultrasound is a very specific imaging method to diagnose pregnancy if it is performed at least 28 days from breeding the dog and at least 16 days after breeding the cat.

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The foetal heart rate is usually twice the maternal heart rate, and usually is between 200 and 220 beats per minute (bpm).

Foetal activity can include swallowing, hiccoughs, and body and limb movements.

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The scan can be started from imaging the urinary bladder first, then examining the uterine body.

The left uterine horn is followed cranially, and then the right uterine horn is followed caudally.

The uterine horns bend in multiple directions rather than lie in a straight line when a large litter is present, and foetuses can be seen literally ‘everywhere’ in the abdomen.

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From 35 to around 55 days the foetal skeleton develops and can be seen. This appears white on the ultrasound screen.  The head appears circular early on but later the jaws and nasal bones can be identified. The spinal column, pelvis and the ribs can also be seen. The internal organs become more prominent in their appearance. The liver is in the front of the abdomen, being dark grey in appearance, and the fluid filled stomach is often noted just behind this. The heart and some of the great arteries and veins can also be identified. Movements of the pups are often noted and individual limbs can often be seen.

Towards the late stages of pregnancy the bladder which is fluid filled may be seen.

The abdominal organs become more prominent, the chambers of the heart can easily be identified and organs like the kidneys are more easily seen.

Counting the number of pups at this time is less accurate . Pups which are dead can be identified by an absence of heart beats and a lack of movement and foetal fluid.

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Ultrasound Pregnancy Scan £35
Repeated Scan of same bitch £20 Recommended from the 50th day.

Post Whelp Scan to ensure the bitch has completed and finished the birth process and to confirm their are no retained afterbirths £35 between the hours of 8am to 7pm, from 7pm to 10pm £40 from 10pm to 8am £60.
Prices of the above are for traveling within a 15mile radius, additional mileage 40p per mile extra.

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