Hire Intensive Care Puppy Incubators

  • Digital temperature and humidity display
  • Automatic control and settings for temperature and humidity
  • Built-in water humidity pump for automatic humidity control
  • Centralised heating system
  • 10 stage dinner devices for indoor illumination control
  • Dimensions 85.5cm x 47cm x 44cm High
The Puppy Brooder ICU (Intensive Care Unit) is the most advanced Care Unit for Sick and Newborn Puppies.
It is popular with vetinary practitioners and also Breeders of Puppies, the ICU offers all the features needed to successfully raise newborn puppies or care for sick animals.
The Incubater includes a Built-in Antibiotic/Deodorising air filter, a humidification system designed to eliminate germs from the water and a removable bottom tray for exceptionally easy cleaning with
Extra quiet fans.

Newborn puppies need warmth more than food. At birth the puppy’s body temperature is the same as the mother’s, after delivery the temperature will drop several degrees, the body temperature should fall between 95° and 99°F if it drops below 94°F, your puppy could be facing life-threatening hypothermia. Puppies depend on their mom to maintain their body temperature. Without external heat, it doesn’t take long for a puppy to become chilled. Chilling gravely reduces the puppy’s metabolism. Newborn puppies can’t generate their own body heat until they develop the shiver reflex at around two and half weeks. Hypothermia is the single greatest problem for infant puppies. Low puppy temperatures for the first few weeks is also one of the biggest reasons for herpesvirus (fadind puppy syndrome) being able to successfully infect a litter.

It is very important to keep puppies warm for the first week to ten days of age. If the puppies are not gaining weight and suckling properly, this should be considered as abnormal and be investigated. Most young puppies will double their birth weight in the first 7 to 10 days of birth and then double it again within the next three weeks. It is always a good idea to keep young puppies that are sick and nursing in a warm area, the puppies resistance is weakend when exposed to chilling conditions. If a puppy crawls away from the rest of the puppies, it will increase the cold stress and causendeterioration. Besides keeping all the young puppies warm, the weak, less active, sick or fading puppies need special care to ensure their best chance of survival.

Despite our instinct to want to immediately feed a puppy in trouble, warmth is far more critical than food. Cold puppies can’t nurse or digest food. Their heart rate drops, and the circulatory and respiratory systems collapse. They won’t last long under these conditions. Warming a chilled puppy too quickly can also be fatal. Puppies that have a low body temperature should be warmed slowly over a few hours to a normal temperature of about 97°F. A normal body temperature should be reached before feeding these puppies.


Within twenty-four hours being born, there core (rectal) temperature should be 95° to 97°F Their temperature steadily increases, until at 3 weeks of age the rectal temperature is 98° to 100°F Eventually they’ll sustain a normal temperature of 101.5°F.

Important if the puppies are piled on top of each other all the time, they are cold. If the puppies are spread far apart and panting, they are too warm. If they lay next to each other, the temperature is fine.

Puppy’s Age Approximate Room Temperature      Approximate Core Temperature Newborn to 7 days 90°F 96°F Day 8 to 14 85°F
Day 15 to 21 80°F
Day 22 to 28 72°F 99°F


Relative humidity of 55-65%

If the puppies are piled on top of each other all the time, they are cold. If the puppies are spread far apart and panting, they are too warm. If they lay next to each other, the temperature is fine.

Incubators are usually required for around 2-3 weeks until the puppies have begun to open their eyes and become more mobile. After this time a whelping box and sectioned off area with no drafts should be suitable.

The mating and birthing process for breeds such as Pugs, Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs English Bulldogs can be very challenging, it is a common in these breeds to encounter birthing issues, fading puppies and puppies than need round the clock care for a number of weeks.

An incubator can aid their chances of surviving and is a key piece of equipment for these specialist breeds..

 Incubater Hire Charges

1 week £60   2 weeks £90   3 weeks £120 

A deposit of £100
is required when hiring the incubator.

All equipment hire is subject the deposit paid via Bank Transfer which will be refunded back to you upon return of the equipment in the condition it was sent.  If the unit is returned to us damaged you will be charged for  repair of the equipment. Please give us notice of when you require the puppy incubator this will allow us to book it for you

Paw Angel will not be responsible for loss of any animals in the event of failure caused, the user is advised to arrange own insurance cover where loss of power or mechanical or electrical failure might result in unacceptable losses.

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